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M. Campins Eritja y A. Pigrau Solé (coautores), "Environmental Law in Spain"

Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this book provides ready access to legislation and practice concerning the environment in Spain. A general introduction covers geographic considerations, political, social and cultural aspects of environmental study, the sources and principles of environmental law, environmental legislation, and the role of public authorities.

The main body of the book deals first with laws aimed directly at protecting the environment from pollution in specific areas such as air, water, waste, soil, noise, and radiation. Then, a section on nature and conservation management covers protection of natural and cultural resources such as monuments, landscapes, parks and reserves, wildlife, agriculture, forests, fish, subsoil, and minerals. Further treatment includes the application of zoning and land-use planning, rules on liability, and administrative and judicial remedies to environmental issues. There is also an analysis of the impact of international and regional legislation and treaties on environmental regulation.


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Miembros de la AEPDIRI: Mar Campins Eritja y Antoni Pigrau Solé (coautores)

Editorial: Wolters-Kluwer

Año de publicación: 2014

ISBN: 9789041153180


Índice de la obra

The Authors
List of Abbreviations
General Introduction
Chapter 1. General Information
Chapter 2. Basic Principles of Environmental Law
Chapter 3. Historical Background
Chapter 4. The Role of Government Institutions in the Shaping and Administration of
Environmental Law and Policy
Chapter 5. Sources of Environmental Law
Selected Bibliography
Part I. Pollution Control
Chapter 1. General Law
Chapter 2. Air Pollution Control
Chapter 3. Water Pollution
Chapter 4. Waste
Chapter 5. Soil Pollution
Chapter 6. Noise Pollution
Chapter 7. Radiation
Chapter 8. Other Sectors
Part II. Nature Conservation and Management
Chapter 1. Protected Natural Areas
Chapter 2. Monuments and Landscapes
Chapter 3. Wildlife Protection
Chapter 4. Agricultural Resources
Chapter 5. Forests
Chapter 6. Fish Resources
Chapter 7. Subsoil and Minerals
Part III. Zoning and Land-use Planning
Part IV. Liability Questions
Part V. Juridical Actions of Individuals
Chapter 1. Administrative Remedies
Chapter 2. Judicial Remedies

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