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S. Iglesias Sánchez y M. González Pascual (eds.), "Fundamental Rights in the EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice"

The development of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice has transformed the European Union and placed fundamental rights at the core of EU integration and its principles of mutual recognition and trust. The impact of the AFSJ in the development of an EU standard of fundamental rights, which has come to the fore since the Treaty of Lisbon, is a topic of great theoretical and practical importance. This is the first systematic academic study of the AFSJ and its implications from the point of view of fundamental rights. The contributions to this collection examine the normative and jurisprudential development of the AFSJ in order to assess its effects on the overall construction of the scope and standards of protection of EU fundamental rights in this particularly complex and sensitive field of integration. The expert contributors systematically map and critically assess this area of EU law, together with the relevant case-law.


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Miembro de la AEPDIRI: Sara Iglesias Sánchez (editora)

Editorial: Cambridge University Press

Año de publicación: 2021

ISBN: 9781108769006

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