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E. Barbé Izuel, "European Union Contested. Foreign Policy in a New Global Context"

The European Union's foreign policy and its international role are increasingly being contested both globally and at home. At the global level, a growing number of states are now challenging the Western-led liberal order defended by the EU. Large as well as smaller states are vying for more leeway to act out their own communitarian principles on and approaches to sovereignty, security and economic development. At the European level, a similar battle has begun over principles, values and institutions. The most vocal critics have been anti-globalization movements, developmental NGOs, and populist political parties at both extremes of the left-right political spectrum.


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Miembro de la AEPDIRI: Esther Barbé (co-editora y autora)

Editorial: Springer

Año de publicación: 2020, 2019 (online)

ISBN:  978-3-030-33238-9


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