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K. Fach Gómez y A.M. López Rodríguez (eds.), "60 Years of the New York Convention. Key Issues and Future Challenges"

60 Years of the New York Convention addresses a wide range of legal issues related to the application of the New York Convention in the context of international commercial arbitration and international investment arbitration. Worldwide interest in the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards has never been higher, and the New York Convention of 1958, currently adhered to by 159 States including the major trading nations, remains the most successful treaty in this area of commercial law. This incomparable book, marking the Convention's 60th anniversary, provides a fully updated analysis of the Convention's application from international, comparative, and national perspectives.


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Miembros de la AEPDIRI: Katia Fach Gómez y Ana Mercedes López Rodríguez

Editorial: Kluwer

Año de publicación: 2019

ISBN:  978-94-035-0155-0


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